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Personalize Geany

Even though I usually develop using gedit, sometimes it’s nice to use geany as an IDE. I usually install geany and personalize it to look (almost) like gedit. I use this blog post but change some of it. Geany is better for coding in some ways, especially code folding and column selection (ctrl+shift+select) is a plus.

$ sudo apt-get install geany

Now run geany and go to the preferences menu.

Edit -> Preferences
General > Startup : Uncheck “Load virtual terminal support”
General > Miscelaneous : Check “always wrap search”
Interface > Uncheck “show side bar”
Interface > Toolbar > Click the “Customize Toolbar” Button
Remove “Undo, Redo, back, forward, compile, execute, build, color chooser, quit” (if you want, maybe don’t remove Undo and Redo?)
Iconsize : Small
Editor > Set Indentation Widthto  4,  Type : Spaces
Editor > Check “line wrapping”
Editor > Line breaking column : 80
Editor > Display > Set Long line marker : column to 80
Editor > Display > Set color to #98A8B6
Files > Check “Replace tabs by space”

Save these settings by clicking “Apply”.

To Remove the message pane, uncheck “View -> Show Message Window”
Enablig Export Plugin is good if you like exporting as LaTeX or such.

Tools -> Plugin Manager -> Enable export

Now you’ll have a better looking Geany to develop.